Plastic surgery is a postmodern veil
— Nawal El Saadawi


As we age multiple changes within the face can result in a tired look with lower face sagging, flattening of the cheeks, lines and wrinkles and lack lustre skin. Changes that occur with ageing are a result in changes to the skin as a result of environmental factors (sun damage, smoking, diet), genetic factors and changes to the underlying fat, musculature and bone.

As we age the skin loses elasticity and collagen production declines resulting in thinner and sagging skin. In addition there is a loss and shrinkage of the fat pads of the face, resorption of the bones of the face and loss of elasticity and support of the ligaments. These changes all contribute to the ageing face.

A liquid facelift can help to combat these signs and help to slow down the ageing process. The liquid facelift is a non-invasive and subtle rejuvenation procedure which treats the face as a whole. This results in a natural look with facial features working in harmony with one another.

What is a liquid face lift?

A liquid face lift involves the injection of small amounts of a temporary dermal filler (read more about dermal fillers here). The filler is strategically placed in areas of the face where significant volume loss has occurred. This then adds support and volume to the skin resulting in a visible lift.

Each treatment is individualised and placement of the dermal filler is determined according to an individuals needs. The end result is a total facial rejuvenation without the down time or risks associated with surgery.

The liquid facelift is also called the ‘8 point lift’ based on the model of injecting dermal filler into 8 specific points in the face for ultimate lift of the facial tissues. This is a guide to treatment and many patients my not require injection in all of these areas.

The addition of muscle relaxant injections to the dermal filler results in a further enhanced look with long lasting results. Muscle relaxing injections add the effect of softening wrinkles preventing further development of lines and wrinkles. For more information about wrinkle relaxers read here.

A liquid facelift can help address multiple concerns. Including but not limited to:

  • Flattening of the cheeks and loss of cheek contour
  • Bags or hollows under the eyes
  • Nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Marionette lines and oral commissures
  • Jowls and sagging lower face
  • Loss of jawline and jaw contour
  • Temple volume loss and wrinkles around the eyes

The results of a liquid facelift can last from 12-18 months depending on the type and amount of dermal filler used


What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is non-invasive with minimal down time. Following a thorough consultation with Dr Kate and determining your individual requirements the treatment takes only 15-30 minutes.

Small amounts of dermal filler are injected into various areas of the face to give maximal results. Various techinques may be used by Dr Kate depending on individual requirements. Topical anaesthetic cream may also be used to increase comfort however the treatment is virtually pain free.

Please see our dermal filler information page here for more in depth information regarding the procedure of dermal fillers.

The amount of dermal filler used in a liquid facelift does vary. A minimum of 2ml is usually required using a long lasting dermal filler. Treatment may need to be repeated in order to obtain maximal results.

How long does the treatment last?

The longevity of a liquid facelift depends on many individual factors such as after care and metabolism. The dermal fillers used for a liquid facelift are very long lasting with an expected duration of 12-18 months (up to 24 months in some cases).

With repeated treatments and regular top-ups the results are even longer lasting.

It is important to have realistic expectations regarding dermal fillers as more than 2ml may be required to address individual concerns. Dr Kate will discuss this is full during your consultation.


What happens after my treatment?

Following a liquid facelift normal activities can be resumed. Dr Kate will provide you with full after care instructions. There are some general precautions that should be taken to reduce the risks of side effects and to obtain the best possible results.

  • Ice can be applied to reduce discomfort, swelling and bruising
  • Gentle massage to the are
  • Do no lie down immediately after, or do strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours

Is the treatment safe?

There are minimal side effects associated with a liquid facelift These may include but are not limited to:

  • local swelling
  • redness
  • bruising
  • lumpiness or irregularity of the filler

Rare complications include allergic reactions, the formation of ganulomas, secondary bacterial or viral infections (for example reactivation of the cold sore virus) damage to vascular structures and ischaemia. 

Dermal filler injections cannot be given to people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have taken a course of Roaccutane in the last 3 months, have a history of auto-immune diseases or multiple allergies. 

Dr Kate will discuss all risks and contraindications prior to performing any procedure. 

How much does a liquid facelift cost?

Liquid facelift starts from $1300 for 2ml of premium dermal filler.