Dr Kate's FRAXEL diary

Recently I was lucky enough to have FRAXEL laser treatment performed by the brilliant Dr David Main from Laser Skin Care in South Perth. Laser Skin Care is a laser and cosmetic clinic run by renowned and highly skilled doctors. The clinic is in fact the very first laser clinic established in Perth (they opened in 1997 when Dr Kate was only 10 years old!!!!).

FRAXEL laser treatment uses fractionated laser to target aging, sun damaged skin, and pigmentation, It does this by safely penetrating through the superficial skin laters using small beams of laser leaving surrounding tissue untouched. As a result it stimulates the body's own collagen production and healing process resulting in regeneration and replacement of old, damaged skin cells. The result? glowing, healthy, smooth skin. 

I felt immediately at east when I walked into the clinic, the staff were lovely and professional and Dr Main was wonderful. It is not often i am in the position of being a 'patient' and I felt reassured immediately. 

Prior to performing the treatment a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) is used to ensure a painless procedure. This stays on for up to one hour (see pic below). My face felt completely numb! The actual treatment only takes 10 minutes or so. It was painless and I can only describe the sensation as little tingling sensations, almost like ants are crawling on your skin. Following the treatment my skin was cooled with cool air and I felt only a slight burn superficially.  

When I got home after the treatment I noticed my skin had become slightly erythematous and was warm to touch. I had a slight headache and felt the need to drink lots of water. By the evening my skin was much more erythematous and appeared to look sunken and dry. When comparing my day one and day two photos you can see in my cheeks how dehydrated my skin looks - I felt like I was 100 years old. Nevertheless I was excited! Before bed I applied some barrier cream to ensure my skin regained some of it's lost moisture overnight. 

BEFORE TREATMENT - main concerns were pigmentation to the cheeks and a few solar lentigines 

BEFORE TREATMENT - Rocking out with the numbing cream


6 HOURS POST TREATMENT - note my flat and saggy cheeks


I Woke up early this morning with every intention to go to yoga and work. This didn’t happen. I looked a fright!

My skin was much more erythematous and dry today with the first signs of pigment coming to the surface. It wasn’t painful however I felt my entire face was swollen and it was uncomfortable to speak or make too many facial expressions. Not the most appropriate appearance for consulting with patients all day.

I did note big lovely pimple come out to play – however this was already rearing its head yesterday so the treatment has just caused an inflammatory response which is bringing those impurities to the surface. This is a good thing!!

I have also noted my lower lips and perioral area are really swollen – as you can see by the photos my bottom lip is protruding out like I have just had some fillers. I think this area of skin was just very sensitive and has reacted more than the rest of my face. My lines around my mouth and my nasolabial folds appear more prominent and all I could think about yesterday was I NEED MORE FILLER. True behaviour of an addict.

DAY TWO - note my cheeks are fuller, erythema is beginning to increase, I feel very swollen


The redness had improved significantly this morning and I noticed much less swelling around my mouth. I was in no discomfort at all which was nice after an uncomfortable day yesterday.

My skin has become very dry and feels like sandpaper to touch. It is tight and it’s hard to smile as it feels like I might crack through the surface of my skin. Throughout the course of the day it became a little bit flaky with areas around my nose and mouth starting to flake off. I made the mistake of putting on some BB cream to disguise the redness while going out for coffee however this just got caught in the flaky skin and make me look like I had a come from a really bad spray tan!! I would advise to just go bare and moisturise regularly rather than try and conceal anything.

Today I also noticed my pigment becoming much more noticeable, especially over my cheeks where I used to have lots and lots of freckles (these have faded over the years especially with my use of vitamin C serums and retinol). However the melanin that has been hiding in my dermis and not visible to the naked eye has started to migrate to the epidermis and become visible. My existing freckles and sun spots have also become very dark. I cant wait to see what happens next.

Ps I bailed on dinner and drinks with my partner and his friends tonight as I didn’t want to go into a bright restaurant with my red and flaky face. 


DAY THREE EVENING - hello pigmentation!!! Note mild flaking around my mouth 


Today felt a bit like yesterday, my skin still felt extremely dry and more started to flake off. It didn't peel off in layers which can sometimes happen following certain chemical peels so it was not too dramatic. I noticed increased sensitivity to my skin, especially around my nose and mouth and it was hard to resist picking the area and removing the dry skin. The pigmentation which had started to come through yesterday was also starting to flake off. It was amazing watching my freckles disappear before my own eyes. 

DAY FOUR DAYTIME - pigment starting to shed off, lots of flaking


My skin looks incredible!!! There is no more flaking or peeling and the sensitivity has all but disappeared. My pigmentation over my cheeks has decreased significantly and my sun spots have faded and are hardly noticeable. My skin is still slightly erythematous and pink but I am now able to apply a tinted moisturiser which goes on silky smooth. My skin does appear shiny (like in below pic) however not in the way it does with excess oil build up, I would describe it as more of a 'glow'. My skin feels so soft


DAY SIX - evening

I am exceptionally happy with the results. It have given me a boost to continue with my skin care regime. Once piece of advise is to always remember to use daily SPF (do this regardless) but after this treatment your skin is very sensitive to the sun. 

I highly recommend Dr Main at Laser Skin Care. As always I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment

Dr Kate