Lip Filler Diary

My gorgeous client Miss D was kind enough to share her lip enhancement journey with me. Miss D came to see me with naturally beautiful lips but desired a fuller more 'voluptuous' pout. She especially wanted a fuller upper lip with increased length and projection. 

Miss D has shared photos of her lips before, during and after the lip enhancement treatment. I think it is important to share with you all that although the end results of lip enhancement are glamorous and certainly worth any discomfort. The 'after' process may not be as glamorous as you may expect. 

Many of my clients walk out of their first lip filler treatment absolutely ecstatic with their new lips, however a few get a little freaked out with the swelling and may have a short period of regret until the swelling settles down. I tell some clients (usually those who are new to dermal fillers) that they may hate me for a few days but will fall back in love with me before the end of the week. These are the ones I see a month or so later wanting a top up! 

As you can see from Miss D's journey it wasn't all glamour - she suffered from swelling and quite a bit of bruising (some people bruise more than others). But was over the moon with the end result. I think she looks superb. 


Before and Immediately After.JPG

The above photo is Miss D's before and after - with the after photo taken one week following the lip filler treatment. We used a soft dermal filler which gives natural and long lasting results. 

one and a half hours post treatment

5 hours post treatment

A few small bruises starting to appear, lots of swelling! 


24 hours post treatment

bruising easily covered by lip stick

Day Two

the top lip is very swollen, looks slightly asymmetrical in this photo (but this settled down). Still bruised. No lip stick in this photo

Day three

Already loves them as you can tell by her snapchat :)

Day Three

This time with lip stick covering residual small bruisies

Day Four

Day Five

Final result is becoming evident, swelling and bruising is settling down

Day Six

the final product

Thank you so much to Miss D for sharing her journey with me. I love to see before and after photos of my clients. Photos have been published with the clients permission. 

Lots of lip love

Dr Kate